Fisheye View of a Directory Tree

CSE275 - Spring 2001
University of Connecticut
Greg Book

Here is the final project which demonstrated the concept of the fisheye view on a directory tree. Use the up and down arrow keys to increase or decrease the magnification. Press "f" to toggle the fading effect, and press "g" to toggle the grid. The files tree.txt and tree.exe should be in the same directory. If you need the openGL ("glut32.dll") DLLs, download them from below.

Another use for fisheye view is to examine any graph, so here a map of the NYC subway system is used. Only the 1/9, 4/5/6, and Q/R lines are shown on the map.

Place the openGL DLLs in your /windows/system directory.
    Download openGL DLLs

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